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Janet Stoller's Blog


Posted by Janet Stoller on

When your heart is crying out, it is a silent voice, heard only by you.  It is a loneliness that is aching to be filled by something.  You don't know what is missing. But you search, like that great arching beam from a lighthouse, back and forth across the horizon.  Hoping on the next pass that you will find   that which was overlooked the last time.

It is an empty night without sleep.  Wanting quiet, then wanting to be connect to something.  A voice on the radio, an app on a phone, an old movie on television. Anything but to be alone with your thoughts, alone with you.

You are an incredibly imperfect being, wanting reassurance, affirmation, an "atta girl".  To know that you are OK, you have value, are needed, loved.  Intellectually you know that this is true.  But inside you are not so sure.

Where do these thoughts come from, and why do you believe them?  You are perfectly made, just not perfect.  You were created to need and to be needed.  When others ask if they can help, say "Yes" this time. Or better yet, ask for help.  Let others serve you.  Wouldn't you be the first one to step forward and help a friend in need?  It is not hopeless.  There is a light just beyond that horizon-it is the dawn.  Each day new. Namaste. Peace


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