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I would like to volunteer for indoor service - April 25, 2021 8:30 Service

We ask that all volunteers have a N-95 or KN95 mask. The volunteers to spray will be asked to carry a sprayer back pack that is heavy.

So, what goes on at these meetings? Why should I come? The bottom line is ideas for ministry are
exchanged and new ones brought to mind – even in these crazy times. We hope you’ll join the effort
either in person or via Zoom!

What's the Scoop attendance

Please complete a form for each person that will be attending in person.

 If you are interested in helping to pick the hymn of the day from June through November, let us know in the office. We’ll send you a packet of materials, from which you can give input. Then Deb Howell will coordinate all the responses. All that needs to be done by May 2

I am interested in Hymn Picking

Lawn Mowing Volunteers

Christians are anything but pessimistic about the future. There will be grass growing someday. Because we hire a company to mow the north half of the lawn (eliminating the part with the slope along Hwy. 30, which is quite steep) and the part along the east side of the parking lot, it usually takes between 1 & 1½ hours to mow what’s left (basically it’s south of the building.) Most of the time you can pick whether to mow on Friday or Saturday and you will still get to ride the John Deere! So, if you’d like a turn to mow this year, let us know. Please call/email the office to volunteer (peacechurch@peacenewlenox.org or 815-485-5327.)


Verse Selection for 8th Graders

Confirmation Date and Verse Choice

On which date will you be Confirmed?*

The verses will be included with the certificates you receive. You do not have to memorize it or say it out loud.

You can choose your first and last name (David Hedlin) , some choose their full names (David Lee Hedlin), and some use a shortened version of their name (Dave Hedlin).

What version of your name would you like on your name tag?

Confirmation Sample Verses - click on this link to see some of the verses 

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