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Posted by Janet Stoller on

I was speaking to a friend on Father’s Day, asking him if his dad is still alive.  He took a second-and then told me he never had much of a relationship with his father. 
He didn’t quite say he regretted it, but it was clear to me that he wished it could have been different. 
Which brought up discussion about how sometimes your closest family is not necessarily your family of origin.  It can be the family you find along the way. 
How many of us have cousins, aunts, brothers or even parents that are not of our blood?  Those people we connect with on a soul level?  With whom we feel the strongest bond?
I have found such friends at Peace Lutheran Church.  That place which is home.  Acceptance and respect abound.  And love.  I wonder what makes this so.  And, I wonder why the “outside space” is different  the “sacred space”.  And how I/we can be an instrument that helps change that.
How many of us are aware that the “sending” at the end of our service is just that, a call to spread the Good News.  To expand the family, let them in on the great thing we have going.  Because of this gift of grace is something we are granted every single day.  It is meant to be shared. Again and again.  Because that’s what family does.
Go in peace, serve the Lord!



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