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It is a physical manifestation.  A genuine, painful reaction to an overwhelming situation. My stomach turns. Disbelief is my reaction.  Crying is insufficient.  Frozen in place.  Surely. Not. Again.

How can anyone be so hateful, so angry?  What could have caused them to take others’ lives into their hands? How can they think they have the RIGHT???

I mourn the loss of so many. I pray for the victims and the survivors.

I feel helpless. Like glass, fragile, ready to break.  Words escape me.

What can I do? I cannot stop the violence, the hate.  But, I can be the person who reaches out to those who may be lonely.  Who need a kind word.  A friend. A warm coat. Something to eat.  It may not seem like much, but to some it is everything.

No need to sit back and feel hopeless.  Be Jesus in the world today.  Start small. He did.  And, He changed the world.


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