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Janet Stoller's Blog


Posted by Janet Stoller on


Looking at the world outside, what do you see?  A breezy spring day, kids on bikes, softball season (oh, the sound of the bat on the ball!). Or the homeless person on the corner, dirty, stinky, crying out for a dollar?  The rain. or the flowers that will follow?

Looking inward, do you see God’s wonderfully made creation?  Or the flaws, the pain, the imperfections? The woulda, coulda, shouldas?

You see, windows are a way to see it all, beauty and ugliness, pain and joy, happiness and fear.

Do you choose to see the wonder-or do you see the mistakes, the not done, the undone?  Do you judge, at first glance, what is someone’s life’s work? Is it a good day, or a bad day?

Does your window look out at a mountain, or a brick wall?  Or twelve different websites at once? 

We are like windows, we view things around and within.  Sometimes we close the curtains, too. Block out the sun, or the clouds.  Sometimes we throw open the screen door and smell the rain.

What does your window look at today?  Do you see that you are beautiful, God’s perfection? He gave His son for us……and that is what He sees. Love. Always.


Whatever you see, may you be blessed, and Blessed, today.


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