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7/8th Grade Youth Group

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How will your youth be join us for Confirmation? This is to make sure we are going to be in accordance of the County's mandated guidelines, during our Stages of Reopening.

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7th and 8th graders will receive packets for Sunday School and attend a Zoom meeting each month. This is in addition to Confirmation.

Sermon Notes for Confirmation


Confirmation Orientation 


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The goal is to have teens do some hands-on projects to help others outside of their own house. There is no limit to what will be acceptable. Send cards to people who are shut-in, bake something for a neighbor or grandparent or someone else, rake an elderly person’s leaves, clean up the street or a park or trail, etc!!!! We are asking each confirmand to give 4 hours in the course of the year. You can split the hours as much as you want. We would hope for a report once a quarter from each until the four hours are done. You don’t need to stop at 4, of course!!!


 Confirmation verses  

 Middle School can be a time of a lot of changes. Peace Lutheran Church seeks to be a place of consistency and fun, where middle school youth can come and find community with others just like them. We do this by:

  • Our confirmation program is led by Pastor Dave and Deacon Shari
  • We allow the youth to lead the way and focus on their questions about faith rather than following a specific curriculum.
  • Confirmation becomes a place where youth want to be rather than where they have to be.

Monthly Gatherings

  • 7th and 8th graders gather to serve, fellowship, and eat
  • We go to the zoo, sky zone, whirly ball, etc.
  • We serve at Feed My Starving Children, community senior living facilities, NAWS, etc.
  • These gatherings are designed by the youth to focus on their interest and needs

Annual Events

  • Antioch is our annual retreat. This event is for 7th-12th It is a time of deep learning and community forming within our youth group. This event is led by Deacon Shari and is supported cross-generationally by the entire congregation.
  • Youth led worship services happen twice a year and are completely youth led. Our middle and high school youth plan and execute the entire worship including music and preaching. These services are lively and loved by our congregation.
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